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Engineer. I make things like smart phones. I’m sure there are many people who use the things I’m involved with. I’m proud of that.

I like to research and think about everything from work to hobbies. I have a strong interest in science, especially artificial intelligence.

My name is Moriwatari, but it’s too long to call me that, and my friends call me Mori, so I have ceded the name of Watari.In addition to writing blog posts, I am also preparing for live streaming, although I am refraining from voice appearance.


I joined because I like to share information and good times.I’ve started a Youtube live stream.

About 六研 (rocken).com

In Japanese, “rocken” sounds like “六研”, the sixth laboratory. My will to be a researcher became the name of the site.I’ll be writing about what I’ve researched and thought about in the hopes that it will be useful to site visitors and future. I’ve been indebted to the foreign friends I’ve met in the game for a long time, so I’m going to write an article in a foreign language, even if it’s a poor translation!

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