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AIDA AOI (相田 葵)

I am an engineer who has been involved in the development of smart phones and other products. There must be many people using the things I am involved with. That gives me joy and pride.

The process of research and examination is what makes my life worth living. In science, I am particularly interested in artificial intelligence. I also take pleasure in explaining complex concepts and seeing the moment they are understood, and I will try to make this blog a place to do so.

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Mori Watari

In my spare time, I enjoy playing simulation and science fiction games. I hope to be able to write articles in foreign languages as well, as I have long been indebted to my foreign friends I have met in games.

About 六研 (rocken).com

In Japanese, "rocken" sounds like "六研", the sixth laboratory. The will to be a research space became the name of the site.

This is the guideline for the operation of the site

  1. To be useful
    I will never forget that we set up this site with the hope of not only inputting information, but also outputting it to be useful.
  2. With minimum effort
    I write in a clear and concise manner for high school students and the general public. Readers come to know, not to read.
  3. High quality articles
    I will write articles that have no deficiencies and are supported by appropriate research.
  4. Abundant information
    I will divide the articles appropriately, covering a wide range of visits, yet ensuring that each one is as informative as it needs to be.
  5. friendly
    Remember to enjoy yourself, but be humble. By doing so, we want to be interesting and friendly.
  6. optimize advertising
    I will provide information free of charge to cover operating costs. However, I will try to make it available at your will without interfering with visitors.
  7. be sincere
    I will not write articles whose titles do not match their contents, nor will I write articles to induce visitors to monetize the site. This is to provide reliable information.

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