[Starbase]Technical Report : Auto Speed Control


YOLOL cord for Auto Speed Control : PID Speed Control

Code to PID Control

kp=0.05 ki=0.05 kd=0.1 dt=0.4 eo=en if :as==0 then goto 1 end
en=:v-:speed :FcuForward+=kp*en+ki*(en+eo)/2*dt+kd*(en-eo)/dt goto 1

Code to Limit Values

if :FcuForward < 0 then :FcuForward = 0 end
if :FcuForward > 100 then :FcuForward = 100 end goto 1

[Image] Control Concepts

Theory of PID control

Approximating the Integral

Approximating the derivative

PID control after approximation

[Image] Coefficients : Adjustment of Kp, Ki, Kd

D control cannot operate independently.

Determined from Kp

PD control with additional Kd

This is enough for most people.

If Kd is made too large, the value will be returned in excess.

Steady-state error may remains in PD control

PID control for more precise applications

[Video] Audio description and actual behavior

【Starbase】技術報告: 自動スピード制御.