[Dyson Sphere Program] Recommended Mod List

Dyson Sphere Program

Although unofficial, there is a lot of activity in creating mods for the Dyson Sphere program.Here are some useful things that I actually use.


As a precaution, if you use a mod, including a translation mod, even once, please do not report any subsequent problems to the developer. Also, please do not post a review saying that the mod is "slow" or "unstable". This list is recommended for those who are aware that users are informally volunteering to create these mods, and will self-resolve problems as they arise.

Also, please note that the Dyson Sphere Program is in early access and is very changeable, so there is a possibility that these mods may no longer be available or not needed.

How to change the settings of each mod

Many mods can be configured via the Config editor in r2modman (mod management software).

If you get an error

In most cases, you can resume the game without any problem by going back to the title screen after saving, or restarting the game. The specifications of the mods may change at any time and may conflict with each other, so it is recommended to install them one by one and check their operation.

Also, steam games are automatically updated when they are launched, so some mods may have errors or fail to launch after official updates.

In such cases, I try to run the game without mods from start vanilla or reinstall the game. I've never had any errors with the game itself. It is very well developed.

Mod creator are volunteers, so don't be in a hurry to wait for action. Mods in development will be fixed soon.

Convenience improvements MOD

Prerequisite Mod

BepInEx by xiaoye97
Mod Logo

This is necessary for most other mods to work.

Japanese localization

Disabled DSPJapanesePlugin by appuns
Mod Logo

For Japanese and Challengers.

Is the first planet inside the Dyson Sphere?

AdvancedStarmap by brokenmass
The minimum radius (in meters) and maximum radius of the Dyson Sphere, which are normally only available by opening the design screen in the target stellar system, are displayed on the galaxy map.

The maximum radius is especially important. If the orbital radius of the first planet is smaller than the maximum radius of the Dyson Sphere, you can make sure that the ray receivers can operate 100% anywhere and anytime on the first planet. The unit of orbit in this game is 1[AU]=40,000[m]. Compare this to the Dyson Sphere maximum radius.

A topic about units of reality

The original 1 [AU: astronomical unit] represents the distance between the sun and the earth, 149,597,870,700 [m]. It's a tremendous distance.

In the game, the unit of distance [ly:light year] is also changed to 1 [ly:light year] = 60 [AU] = 2,400,000 [m]. If you try to go to another star 1 ly away at the initial navigation mode of 1000 [m/s], it will take you 40 minutes in real time!

A light year is not a unit of time, but a unit of distance that light travels in a year, which is originally 9,460,730,472,580,800 [m]. It is good that this game naturally enriches our knowledge of space-related topics.

Automatic configuration of logistics stations

AutoStationConfig by Pasukaru
Mod Logo

They will set each setting to a predetermined value when building with planetary and interstellar logistics stations, and put in transporters and warp cores.

Mod to improve FPS drop

BetterFPS by brokenmass
Mod Logo

By hiding shadows, the load on the GPU can be reduced. Also, using parallel processing for production simulation can reduce the FPS drop that occurs when the production scale increases. Although I have not experienced this, I have been told to be careful of crashes when using it.

Added uptime status information to statistics panel.

BetterStats by brokenmass
Mod Logo

The number of production facilities/consumption facilities and the maximum theoretical production/consumption are displayed in the production stats panel.

By checking this, you can easily check if you have enough equipment and materials.

Building counter (distance measurement)

BuildCounter by brokenmass
Mod Logo

This mod displays the amount of items being used in the current construction plan.

By entering the construction screen of the conveyor, you can measure the distance between two points without counting.

Selective hiding of factories and transporters.

CanNotShowItem by crecheng
Mod Logo

If your GPU is not powerful enough, you can improve FPS by hiding factories and transporters. We use it to hide interstellar logistics stations so that planets don't look like urchins, or to photograph them so that an array of sometimes-creepy-looking ray receivers are not visible.

Copy the entire planet's facilities.

CopyPlanetFactory by crecheng
Mod Logo

It is possible to copy an entire planet, a hemisphere, or a fixed range of factories. It is difficult to handle, so I enable it only when necessary.

I use it when I want to duplicate an entire planet, or when I want to build a planet in the southern hemisphere and flip it to the northern hemisphere, because there are no omissions when duplicating.

Reverse conveyor rotation

DSP_Belt_Reverse_Direction by GreyHak
Mod Logo
Very convenient. Sometimes the connection is lost when reversing.

Selective hiding of the Dyson Sphere layer

DSPHierarchicalDisplay by crecheng
Mod Logo

This prevents you from accidentally deleting the back layer when designing a Dyson Sphere.this will automatically pause the game while you use this MOD.

Dyson Sphere speed adjustment

DysonSpheresSpeed by crecheng
Mod Logo

For when you want to view the Dyson Sphere in high-speed rotation.

Change the maximum zoom-out distance

FreeCamera by wingless
Mod Logo

Allows the camera to zoom out to a greater distance.

Remote access to factorie and storage

Long_Building_Selection_and_Free_M_Globalmap by KG
Mod Logo

From anywhere on the planet, you can transfer items from storage and change the settings of each facility.

Multi-copy, multi-construction, recipe sharing

MultiBuildBeta by brokenmass
Mod Logo
  • Multiple construction with inserter (spacing can be adjusted)
  • Copy and paste equipment by area selection
  • Output recipe to clipboard (blueprinting), input from clipboard to recipe

The data is transferred to the clipboard as text data, so you can paste it into Notepad and save it. There is also a blue print sharing site.


Omit the prologue

NoPrologue by ctcDNightmare
Mod Logo

The opening prologue, even in vanilla, has a skip button if you open the Esc menu in the middle of the game, and it will skip to where Icarus arrives. For those who want to skip that too.

Put saved data in date order.

OrderSaves by Therzok
Mod Logo

Changes the display order of saved data from name order to save time order . You no longer need to add numbers to the file names, and the most recent save will be at the top.

Difficulty Modification MOD

CSV output of statistics for all planets

DSP_Star_Sector_Resource_Spreadsheet_Generator by GreyHak
Mod Logo

Generate a CSV file with all the information you can get by selecting a planet in the galaxy map (e.g. tidal lock), as well as the distance from the starting planet and the number of veins.

In addition to being able to estimate the limit speed at which you can mine from the number of veins in advance, you can also check at a glance the total amount of resources in the entire universe and how many stars with the characteristics you want are available.

The generated csv file is in "Unicode (UTF-8)" format. To open the file in Excel without garbling the multibyte encodings(e.g.Japanese) part, you can open it in Notepad and save it in ANSI format before opening it.


High speed movement of construction drones

FastDrones by dkoppstein
Mod Logo

It makes the drone engine move faster without endless research and also reduces the energy consumption.

It will be easier for construction drones to catch up when setting up orbital collectors on giant planets.

Collecting resources from the entire planet by a logistics station

PlanetMiner by crecheng
Mod Logo

When an in-planet demmand is set for a logistics station, the target resource is collected from the entire planet. Each logistics station will mine at a rate equivalent to 1 vein/1 mining machine.

It reduces the hassle and landscape degradation of connecting mining machines and conveyor belts to all resources.

If you set an in-planet demand for the Logistics Station, it will try to carry the ore by drone while mining. If you want to avoid this, put the production line and the mining line on different planets.

Display planetary facilities from distant space or another star system.

RenderDistance by sp00ktober
Mod Logo

You can display and view your facilities from outer space, or check them from another planet or star system. You can duplicate the facility layout in another star system, or change the transport settings.

You can access all the logistics stations on a planet or on another planet or system by changing the mod settings.

Internally, it is treated as teleporting to the target planet, so if you have a separate "Remote Access to Equipment and Storage Mod", you will be able to access all the assembly machines and storage on another planet.

Teleportation. Conditional Search for Planets

Star_Map_Tools by sherlockHlb
Mod Logo
  • With a planet selected from the star chart, you can bring up the menu from the shortcut keys to teleport.
  • You can also do a conditional search by specifying the characteristics of the planet.

If you are using the RenderDistance MOD together, you can teleport by using the viewpoint back from the galaxy map.

By default, you can use F1 to open the menu and F2 to teleport, but this shortcut is duplicated in the MultiBuildBeta MOD, so it is recommended to change the settings from the config editor.

This mod also works on the galaxy generation screen, so you can check if a useful planet is being generated with that seed value without starting game.

Change inventory size

DSPBigInventory by appuns
Mod Logo

In vanilla, you can change from a maximum of 10 horizontal x 12 vertical = 120 inventory sizes.

You can make it larger and easier. You can also make it vertical, such as 8 x 15 = 120 items, to make your work more comfortable without dominance.

Instant build, instant research, fast move, etc.

DSPCheats by Windows10CE
Mod Logo

You can choose to have some functions like Creative Mode in Minecraft.

I've turned on InstantBuild because I've started playing with placement studies rather than the construction itself.

At the end.

As a postcaution, if you use a mod, including a translation mod, even once, please do not report any subsequent problems to the developer. Also, please do not post a review saying that the mod is "slow" or "unstable". This list is recommended for those who are aware that users are informally volunteering to create these mods, and will self-resolve problems as they arise.

This was a list of recommended mods for the [Dyson Sphere Program].Have fun!

As for the Dyson Sphere Program, I've been posting videos of relaxed mute play and RTAs on youtube.