[Starbase]Technical Report : Exact Averages in Yolol.


YOLOL cord sample for Arithmetic mean with no data storage

First chip

A simple error check. And record measurements by summation, count the number of measurements.

if:speed !="-" then :avg+=:RFD :avg2+=:speed :n++ end goto 1

Second chip

Function to reset.And calculate the average RFD value and the average speed at all times by dividing.

if :reset == 1 then :n = 0 :avg = 0 :avg2 = 0 end
:avgrfd = :avg / :n :avgspeed = :avg2 / :n goto 1
goto 1

Line 1: Monitor the reset button.
Line 2: Always possible to check the average RFD value and the average speed by dividing.
Line 3: Error countermeasures.

Example of using the average method

Determine the resource consumption time from the average of the most recent consumption rates.

The same procedure is valid for creating your own Yolol code.

Match the name of each resource to the yolol code

Yolol is not case sensitive.

  • Fuel chamber: FuelChamberFuel → Fuel
  • Coolant cell, Radiator : StoredCoolant → Cool
  • Battery: StoredBatteryPower → Batt
  • Propellant tank support: GasNetworkStoredResource → Prop

If you have more than one device

Except for Propellant tank support, there is no function to total all resources, so we will total them separately.

  1. Give the FuelChamberFuel a name such as F1, F2, F3, etc.
  2. Name the Progress bars "Fuel" and set the maximum value to "10,000 x number of fuelchambers".
  3. This is necessary because it works to hold the value globally, but you can also remove the display by writing it to a memory chip.
  4. Use the yolol chip with the following code.
:Fuel=:F1+:F2+:F3      GOTO1

5. Do the same for the battery, coolant cell, Radiator.

Match the name of the text panel to the Yolol code

Text Panel: PanelValue → Time

Write the yolol code on the chip and install it in the chip socket, etc.

*Please write everything down correctly before setting it on the device. If you write incorrectly or set it in the middle of writing, it will not work. Also, set up display devices and other devices that can hold values globally in advance.

This is the code introduced to me by "MyrddinE". Many thanks to him!
This is the sequential average method in video #4, with a weighted average method introduced to emphasize the average of the most recent consumption.


As each resource is consumed, the average consumption rate of that resource is calculated, divided by the total number of resources, and the consumption time is calculated.

A view of MyrddinE's work in operation.

[Video] All four average methods. 

【Starbase】技術報告: 正確な平均手法 in Yolol