[Warframe] Recommended locations to Collect Relics for Prime items


For those who collect all current prime items

A place where all Relics can be retrieved at high speed

RewardLocationMission timeRelic rate of rewardRemarks
LITHVoid/Hepit (Capture)50sec100%(Each 11.11%)Nomal Prime +Prime vault
MESO+NEOVoid/Ukko (Capture)50sec100%(Each 5.88%)Nomal Prime +Prime vault
MESOJupiter/Io (Defense) 10waves2.5 min./1100%(Each 14.29%)Nomal Prime
NEO+AXIVoid/Marduk (Sabotage)3 min.100%(Each 5.88%)Nomal Prime +Prime vault
AXILua/Apollo (Disruption)*3 min./1B:100%(Each 14.29%) C:86.94%(Each 12.42%)Nomal Prime
  • The mission time is a rough estimate for a person who seems to have the best equipment for the challenge.
Disruption Reward Rules

*The rewards for Disruption depend on the round and the number of successful defenses. Defending 4321111 out of 4 conduits, as the round progresses, will give you 100% AXI Relic by B reward!

Round1 defended2 defended3 defended4 defended

Recommended frames for Capture and Sabotage

There are many fast frames, but Orokin Void has many ground obstacles such as Death Orbs, so frames that are good at moving in the air are recommended.

  • TITANIA(4:Razorwing)
  • WUKONG(2:Cloud Walker)

Builds with increased ability duration and efficiency are recommended. Increase sprint speed to the extent that it does not interfere with operations.

After the capture of the target, you may be ordered to exterminate the area.If you port GAUSS 3: Thermal Sunder, you can sweep through it while running through it as usual. This is for advanced players as you need to take into account power and range.

Recommended frames for Defense

If you are in a hurry, you will need to clean up the enemies behind the obstacles before they arrive at the defense target.

  • BANSHEE(4:Sound Quake+Augment Resonating Quake)
  • SARYN(4:Miasma)

The build needs the range and efficiency of the abilities, while not reducing the strength of the abilities too much. You will need another means of securing energy.

Recommended frames for Disruption

Reinforced weapons are required for the rapid elimination of demolitionists. If rapid elimination of moving targets is difficult, prepare additional means of stalling and armor reduction.

The following methods can be used on any frame and are not affected by the Nullifier bubble.


  • Cold status effect(Max.-70% speed)
  • Zenurik's Temporal Blast.(Max.-80% speed)
  • Magus Lockdown(fixation).

armor reduction

  • Heat status effect(-50%)
  • Corrosive Status effect(Max.-80%)
  • Corrosive Projection(-18%)
  • Shattering Impact(Max.-100%)
  • Sharpened Claws(Max.-100% mods for Kavat and Vulpaphyla)

I've been using high powered weapons like gunblades and sniper rifles,Magus Lockdown and

  • OCTAVIA(Mallet.We can take out the Nullifier by leaving it alone.)
  • MESA(Quick remote elimination, cold effect on REGULATORS to slow them down.)

If you only want Prime vault items.

A place where only certain Relics can be obtained.

The fast round above is an equal chance draw from the 7-9 Relics that are available to the public, but the open area Bounty allow you to target only specific Relics. Although it takes a few minutes each round,If you only want Prime Vault items, this is usually faster.

Types of Relics Rewarded for Each Mission
LocationRelic Types
VOIDNomal Prime+Prime vault
Cetus Bounty/Konzu
Orb Vallis Bounty/Eudico
Cambion Drift Bounty/Mother
A part of Prime Vault
Ghoul Bounty/Konzu
Isolation Vault/Mother
A part of nomal Prime
Empyrean cachespermanently Unvaulted Prime
OthersNomal Prime only

Rewards of open area bounties will change every 2.5 hours, so please cheack.

If you only want the newest Primed items

You can target new Prime as part of the current product in the places where you can get the specific Relics mentioned above.

  • Ghoul Bounty:Only the NEO Relic can be obtained with a high probability in the 20% range. However, this is a limited time offer.
  • Arcana Isolation Vault:There are some rounds that don't appear, with a probability of up to 7.5%, which is not ideal for collecting.
  • PROFIT-TAKER:It's worth considering.
About the PROFIT-TAKER reward
PHASERadiant Relicsremarks
1nomal LITH: 15%
nomal LITH: 12.5%
There are no new items. It takes time to fishing.
2New LITH: 15%
nomal MESO: 12.5%
It's easy, about two minutes.
3New MESO: 15%
nomal MESO: 12.5%
This is a multiple mission and will take longer than PHASE 4.
4New NEO: 17.14%
nomal AXI: 14.29%
High difficulty level. About 3 to 5 minutes for a fierce competitor.
  • PHASE 2: It will be easy to use because it is a 15% and LITH glow that ends in less than 2 minutes.
  • PHASE 3,4: is worth considering if you are fierce enough to finish in a few minutes. It is a Radiant and another general relic also comes in Radiant.


1.Finish collecting the parts included in the AXI Reric with Lua/Apollo (Disruption).
2.Fill in the parts contained in LITH, MESO, and NEO with Void/Hepit and Ukko (Capture).
3.If only the PROFIT-TAKER items remain and you are confident enough in your skills to clear them at high speed, challenge them.

These are the steps to follow if you are in a hurry to acquire a new Prime.

For those who want a Permanently Unvaulted Primes

Recommended locations in the Empyrean mission

The following have been positioned as Permanently Unvaulted (PU) Primes. They will probably be kept as exclusive rewards for Empyrean missions.

  • PU Prime:Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, Scindo Prime, Valkyr Prime, Cernos Prime, and Venka Prime(in update 30)
  • By going through the whole locations, you will also cover the Emperian exclusive rewards.(in update 30)
PU relicsLocationMission timePU Relic RatioRemarks
LITH(B) MESO(B)Venus/Bifrost Echo (Exterminate)5 min.B:19.36% (Each9.68%)・Main:nomal LITH ・A:nomal LITH※Does not usually appear. ・B:ATHODAI
LITH(B) MESO(B)Neptune/Nu-Gua Mines (Exterminate)5 min.B:18.18% (Each9.09%)・Main:nomal MESO ・A:nomal MESO ・B:NAUTILUS
AXI(B)Pluto/Seven Sirens (Exterminate)~6 min.B:18.18% (Each9.09%)・Main:nomal NEO ・A:nomal MESO ・B:CARMINE PENTA
NEO(A,B) AXI(A,B)Veil/Flexa (Skirmish)5~7 min.A:14.4% (Each4.80%) B:19.56% (Each6.52%)・Main:nomal NEO ・A:nomal NEO ・B:IGNIS WRAITHSPECTRA VANDAL ・Symbilyst in Sentient Anomaly*:SHEDU
AXI(B)Veil(Corpus)/Calabash (Exterminate)6~9 min.B:18.18% (Each9.09%)・Main:nomal AXI ・A:nomal NEO ・B:CARMINE PENTA
  • A:Caches A: Clearing yellow targets except for Corpus capital ship. B:Caches B: Clearing white targets(If you have Intrinsic Piloting Lv5, you will see this right after the start.)
    *In Veil/Flexa, one of the targets is assassination.
  • If the planet and forces are the same, the A and B rewards are the same, but it takes longer, so Exterminate is recommended.
  • The mission time is a rough estimate for someone who has all the equipment except for what is available. In my case: MESA(PROTEA:Dispensary Injected),Railjack Abilities(Shatter Burst、Blackout Pulse)
  • *Sentient Anomaly appears in missions where the red mark flashing on the veil.。
Where the Sentient Anomalys are coming.
List of additional rewards from the Void storm

The following rewards will be added to the Void Storm target missions*.

LocationRelic RatioRelicRemarks
Earth_ProximaVenus_Proxima35%(Each 5%)nomal LITHEPITAPH
Saturn _Proxima25%(Each 5%)A part of normal MESO
Neptune_Proxima25%(Each 5%)SEVAGOTH
Pluto_Proxima35%(Each 5%)normal NEO
Veil_Proxima35%(Each 5%)normal AXI
  • *The target of the Void Storm will be covered by a white mist.
Void Storm
Ash, Oberon parts For those who have not obtained it

You have to go to the time-consuming skirmishes in Grineer and the defense of Corpus territory, so it takes a little longer to collect the PU relic, but there are exclusive and permanent relic rewards as well.

Empyrean DefenceParts ProbabilityRewards
Ash system: Venus Defense C(20wave)10.53%・Main:nomal LITH,Ash system ・A:nomal LITH ・B:ATHODAI+PU Relic(LITH,MESO)
Ash Neuroptics: Neptune Defense C(20wave)10.26%・Main:nomal MESO,Ash Neuroptics ・A:nomal MESO ・B:NAUTILUS+PU Relic(LITH,MESO)
Ash chassis: Pluto Defense C(20wave)10.26%・Main:nomal NEO,Ash chassis ・A:nomal MESO ・B:CARMINE PENTA,PU Relic(AXI)
Empyrean SkirmishParts ProbabilityRewards
Oberon system:Earth10%・Main:nomal LITH ・A:nomal LITH,PU Relic (MESO),Oberon system
Oberon chassis: Saturn10%・Main:nomal LITH ・A:nomal MESO,PU Relic (LITH),Oberon chassis
Oberon Neuroptics:Vale Grineer territory10%・Main:nomal NEO ・A:nomal NEO,Oberon Neuroptics ・B:IGNIS WRAITHSPECTRA VANDAL ・Symbilyst in Sentient Anomaly*:SHEDU

Please refer to the following list of recommended builds for efficient Emperian missions.

Here is a summary of information for the fastest way to get it

I wrote this article as a reminder as well because I enjoy organizing and sharing, but it is a game and when using it, please have fun and don't don't be too hasty.


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