[Starbase]Research of Another Speedometer.


Install a speedometer that can be used beyond the ring with high accuracy and real-time response.

YOLOL cord sample for 24cm spacing

if :RFD > 3 then :speed = "-" goto 1 end
:speed = (598.98 * :RFD - 89.224) / 10 goto 1

*The YOLOL code is not case-sensitive, feel free to change it as you like.

*The numbers stored in the YOLOL code are limited to three decimal places. When modifying the code, please be careful not to reduce the precision by division.

Speed vs RangeFinderDistance,RFD.

[Reference Video]

Experimental Methods.


How to make cargo lock frames, etc. with Ship Designer.

【Starbase】エンハンサー他,自作できない部品の入手法. English Sub.

Blueprint share

Officials do not recommend sharing blueprint files. Therefore I recommend that you make your own. I've taken the time to explain in the video so that beginners can do it. If you are not familiar with sharing, I do not recommend using it.

  1. Press Win+R and type %appdata% and press enter.
  2. go to \AppData\Roaming\Starbase\ssc\autosave\ship_blueprints
  3. Unzip the downloaded file and paste it into this folder.
  4. You may want to rename the file to the one with the higher number.
  5. Enter the Spaceship Designer and you will find the blueprints in Autosave.
  6. You can generate modules as ships from files, service-blueprint-and-buy custom ships.
  7. It cannot be stored in your inventory unless you disassemble it, but it can be lifted and you can call your ship to set it up.

[Video] Research Details. How to use.

Early Access Build 616.